ARA Health Sarl – (Active Recovery Academy)

D 01 – 11 , Halle 4

Sustainability in Business: Staying on Top of Sustainable Healthy Performance.

Leaders are more and more exposed to the dangers of fatigue creating a costly risk of instability within an organization.

  • 93% of managers experience fatigue,
  • 1 in 3 feel burnout
  • Burnout takes a long time to recover from and create disruptions in teams and organization.

ARA delivers a powerful learning experience for leaders via its Orchestrating Healthy Performance program. It will encourage them to liberate their ability to sustain energy under extreme challenges, feel when it is “right”, think strategically under pressure and navigate complex challenges in a rapidly evolving business landscape with the capability to drive organisation success. This is a must in today’s modern world to prevent fatigue and early burnout. Companies that prioritize these vital capabilities, alongside skills and competencies, will have a distinct advantage in cultivating effective leaders, fostering innovation and helping their organisation to reach its full potential.


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Events mit ARA Health Sarl – (Active Recovery Academy)

Sustainability in Business: Staying on Top of Sustainable Healthy Performance

27.03.2024 | 11:30 – 12:00 Uhr


Corporate Health Stage (A 22)