PMI and Salesforce – Building an Employee Platform through Experience-led Design (EN)

01.06.2022 | 14:30 – 16:00 Uhr


Konferenzraum 6


Join PMI and Salesforce for this masterclass and learn how to successfully establish modern Employee Experience and Omni Channel capabilities based on the Salesforce platform. In just over 15 months, P&C and IT Product teams have successfully landed new digital products and capabilities to thousands of employees across 89 markets, with strong adoption and NPS of +60.

You will hear from Aleksander Bekar, PMI Principal Architect IT P&C and Ian Sisperez, PMI Architect Employee Experience, as we discuss the journey of designing and building MyPMI following a UX-led approach. You will hear about the challenges faced on the way, as well as learnings and practices to establishing new ways of working and strengthen team capabilities resulting in continuously evolving products.

Die Masterclass findet auf Englisch statt.