Performance management in organisations adopting more agile practices (de)

18.05.2021 | 10:45 – 12:15 Uhr


Witzig Dome 2


Performance management is like anti-wrinkle cream. You spend a lot of resources (time and money) on it, and yet, it is pointless. It doesn’t have to be this way! This workshop will provide you with a clear representation on how performance management can become a refreshing day care in your company.

Particularly in dynamic markets, organisations face the challenge of having to be agile when addressing internal and external changes, such as new organisational forms, disruptive technologies, dealing with skills shortages, project diversity, etc. Classic performance management often lags behind.

How is it possible for an organisation to react quickly to changes when our performance management follows an annual cycle and influences remuneration? How can a transformation towards agile performance management be organised? How are employee interviews conducted when people are in different teams? What is necessary for employees to make a meaningful contribution to corporate goals? How do we channel the common vision and strategic perspective into operational work?

These are the questions, along with many other, to which we will provide an answer, together, during the 90 minutes. Practical examples and suggestions will be provided, approached in a light-hearted manner.