Heuresis sp. z o.o

G 14 , Halle 6

We offer Human Capital management outsourcing, based on SmartManager® – innovative IT tool which facilitate effective management of processes, soft HR, work-related tasks, recruitment, evaluation and employees develepment. SmartManager® allows to assess and develop human capital based on an 8-point universal competency scale, providing crucial KPIs, such as Human Capital Quality and Total Competence Value. The software has been commonly available since 2017. We are constantly introducing novelties to our offer, following the trends in the IT/ICT industry.

For 20 years we have been delivering highly effective training programs for managers, HR managers, negotiators as well as Train the Trainers programs. We created interactive e-learning and blended learning materials for specialists and managers. We seek both international partnerships as well as end customers.

Heuresis in numbers:

  • 22 years of experience and more than 900 satisfied buisness clients
  • more than 24 K people in the process of professional and personal development
  • above 10 M USD value of completed training and consulting projects
  • numerous recognitions and awards as a respectful business player
  • participation and decision making body status in leading social organizations and labor market institutions
  • engagement in social responsibilty acitvity via own Qualifications Development Foundation
  • ecologically-oriented practices implemented in the company`s daily functioning
  • since 2001 the quality of our services has been confirmed by ISO 9001:2015



  • E Learning


  • Beratung HR-Digitalisierung
  • Digitale HR-Transformation
  • HR-Software / Employee Experience